Friday, April 30, 2010

Random musings...

I tried the supposedly "new and improve" Domino's Pizza tonight. I was expecting some fantastically noticeable change. Instead I got the impression that they just made the sauce a littler zestier. Yes, it tasted better than the last Domino's pizza I had eaten, but it didn't knock my socks off. I'd give it another shot. Maybe I can act unimpressed enough that they put me in a commercial. Eh. Or Not.

This afternoon I went to the movies since I had the day off. I wasn't working because I saved a couple days for a long weekend, so that I could get over the fact that I didn't go to Vegas this year. *sigh* The movie of my choosing was "Kick Ass". I don't feel like giving a full review, but I can say that I enjoyed it.

The interesting thing is that I was the only one in the theater for today's matinee. That was simply awesome. It was like having a private screening all to myself. That doesn't ever happen. Gotta love Green Bay for not being into movies based on little known comic books. Well, that or the unemployment rate here isn't as high as I thought.

The Brewers lost again tonight. They were shut out AGAIN! What the hell? How can they unleash the fury one week and then struggle to score a damn run the next week? The pitching hasn't been all that bad on this dive into run scoring oblivion. It would appear that when the offense is stinking, the defense steps up. It works the opposite way as well. Ken Macha needs to get his team on the same page. That or he needs to get his coaches in line.

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