Sunday, May 3, 2009

by the way, i made it through the day

I slept in until noon today. Granted, I woke up momentarily after 8 am, but there was no purpose in getting out of bed, so there I went into slumber. Four hours later I had to pee so bad that I had to get out of bed. I already looked homeless. Didn't need to smell that way as well. By golly, it sure was nice though. I had not slept in so late in ages. It probably had a lot to do with the Nyquil. It really does work. However, I still feel a bit off in the morning. I can imagine it is just how Joe Namath feels on the average morning.

However, I do have the distinct advantage of remembering the previous night.

Last night I went to my first Wisconsin Timber Rattler's game. They are a class A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers. For those of you wondering, yes, I am talking about baseball. Now, Minor League ball isn't always the most spectacular thing. It isn't full of athleticism like the Major League is, but that doesn't mean that they aren't giving it 100%. These kids all oozed of effort and dreams. There was not a bit of slacking on either side. It was baseball, maybe not at its finest, but none the less what was advertised.

The best part about Minor League sports is that they find all kinds of unique ways to keep people involved and entertained. Last night they would toss out cheese curds whenever the opposing team's top slugger would strike out. I am not sure about you, but I love the idea of cheese being thrown at me. In fact, I have had dreams just about that. Cheese curds being hurled at me by women in their underwear. In fact, I will probably take that idea and make it into a music video some day. It could win a few awards from MTV. Hell, there may be no need for music since MTV forgot what that was ten years ago.

Another great attraction was when two guys put on over sized foam boxing gloves and attempted to punch the crap out of one another. It was a weak brawl. However, it did not stop Steve and I from contemplating how out of hand we would have gotten. It would have been the last time they ever did that bit. That is for sure. Oh! A third thing they did was bring out one of those guns that shoots things. Only, this time, it was not some t-shirt from some bank that nobody cares about. It was something much more important than that. It was ambrosia wrapped in foil. It was bratwursts. They shot those things 100 feet in the air and watched as crazies lunged for it. It is unfortunate that it took until now to invent the brat bazooka. I can only imagine how effective it would have been during WWII. Those Germans would not have known what the fuck to do if bratwurst were being shot at them. Add to that sauerkraut grenades and you cut two years off that war at minimum.

Any of you watch the show, “Dollhouse”? You know, the show about a big company that wipes people's brains and programs them to be just about anything? Probably not since it is on Friday night and the ratings are less than stellar. Trust me, the ratings do not reflect quality. Friday is asking for a low rating, so despite the fact that it is a damn good show, nobody is watching. It is rather unfair. You probably should give it a chance on Hulu or Fox's website. I assure you that once you get a few episodes in (#4 is where it got real good), you will find yourself wanting to see the entire story play out. Now before you brush it off, let me give you four reasons as to why you should watch this show.

1.There are young and attractive stars. Oh, do not act like you are not in the slightest bit shallow when watching a television show. Just try and tell me that you don't like to look at pretty things. I bet that “Gossip Girl”, “Grey's Anatomy”, and “American Idol” are still on your DVR. You can't tell me that you are watching that stuff just because of good story telling and pure talent. Nope. There is the eye candy factor. “Dollhouse” has that. It all starts with the lead, Eliza Dushku, You will recall her from “Wrong Turn”, “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, and “Bring it On”. She has that bad girl next door thing going for her. Then there is a treat for some of you who prefer men. His name is Tahmoh Penikett. Geeks have seen him on “Battlestar Galactica”. He is a decent actor, but hell, even I can admit that he is a good looking guy. And ladies, he is often shirtless. Not that you would be interested in that.

2.Joss Whedon created it. Yeah, you heard me mention him before. He worked on a lot of stuff I liked. Most specifically, he is responsible for “Firefly” and “Serenity”. More recently he wrote and directed the web sensation “Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog”. Basically, the man is incredibly creative and bring any given mood or style at any moment. He can make it silly one moment and incredibly sad the next. This may sound crazy, but in context it works and is often incredible.

3.The characters. Yep. The characters in this show are worth investing in. Granted, the idea that Eliza Dushku and several other of the actors would change personalities every week seems a bit lofty in the area of character development. However, that is just on paper as an idea. It plays out in a much more complex and rewarding way. You see, they are not working as planned. Bits of their original personalities are leaking when they are on missions. They are becoming unpredictable and potentially dangerous. Let us not mention the conflicted individuals in the supporting cast. There is the disgraced FBI agent who is borderline obsessed with finding the Dollhouse. There is the newly hired Boyd Langton who may have a moral objection to what is being done to the dolls, but he needs a paycheck. Also, there is a snooty geek that programs the dolls with their memories and personalities, who happens to more insecure than he lets on. The point is, these characters are layered. Nobody is who we think they are. Each week we get a little piece of their story. That worked for “Lost” and I think it is working for “Dollhouse”.

4.Overall intrigue. There are a lot of questions to be answered and an aura of mystery surrounding them. Why does the government not know about this place? Are the dolls slaves? How do they find these people? Where do they hide such an operation? Those are all questions that have basically been answered by now, but they are just the tip of the ice berg. The mystery grew when we learned that the “Dollhouse” may have a more substantial purpose than simply being a business venture. Let us not forget that a rogue doll named Alpha is on the loose and nobody has the slightest idea as to where he is.

There you have it. I have explained myself. Time for some random thoughts.

Pepsi Throwback tastes quite amazing. You should give her a try. Delicious. Real sugar too!

A recent update for MLB The Show 09 contained a glitch that has basically rendered by career mode useless. Yes, I am a bit pissed.

Steve purchased a chalk board for our fantasy football draft this summer. A live draft. Which will rock.

Wow, has it really been almost three months already? Guess it wasn't that earth shattering of a decision for me after all.

Weather for Green Bay seems to be a lot of rain this week. Oh well. We could use it.

The job I mentioned to some of you... well, yeah, didn't get it. Not that I didn't rock the shit out of that interview. That much was essentially confirmed for me. Sometimes you are missing one key component. Still.... I probably would have kicked ass at that job. We'll see what happens in June when another position opens.

Essentially 2 weeks until Vegas. I can see the money being flushes away as I type this.

I am sick of this swine flu nonsense. Trust me people, there are worse things out there.

WWE RAW comes to GB in June. I will be buying a ticket soon. Yes, I am a geek. Anyone else wanna go?

Ouch. It is getting real late. Time for sleep. Long week ahead. (it is always a long week these days)