Friday, August 7, 2009

Waging wars to shape the poet and the beat

Sometimes it feels like years have literally gone by between my blog entries. Hell, they probably have if you consider time may pass differently in alternate universes.

That seems to be the idea on my mind lately. Alternate universes. There are a lot of interesting possibilities out there. The show “Fringe” is loosely touching on that next season. I hope its very loosely because it would otherwise blow an idea of mine.

Anyway, the idea of an alternate universe is appealing to me. There are so many different ways it could go. Common knowledge says that if there are alternate universes that they are infinite. Okay. I'll by that. So, there must be one where I have blond hair rather than brown. There is another where I am from Mississippi or am a professional boxer. Then there is the concept of the different time-lines that would go down with different decisions. For example, what happens if the US stays away from Europe during WWII? What if Robert Kennedy avoided that hotel the day he was shot? How would history have changed. Well, there is an alternate universe for that. Even on small scales these exist. Somewhere in the universes exists a world where I chose the blue Mountain Dew rather than the reddish orange stuff. What was I thinking? I'd even like to see the world where I try harder and end up going to college in LaCrosse.

These are all fantastic ideas and scenarios that I just dreamed up. You may think I am ridiculous, but I think you are being ridiculous in thinking that I was in the first place. Lost you, didn't I? My point is that if you can think it, it is happening somewhere. One of the infinite universes is playing out your little idea as you read this. It has to be. Besides, where else do these ideas come from? Not just your brain. They exist as reality somewhere and just happen to float along through time and space into your mind.

Abstract shit, eh? It made sense to me, so that is all that matters.

Rather than get wrapped up in alternate realities, I should probably deal with the one I am in every day. This is the one that is going to someday kill me after all. I best give it as much attention as possible.

This cruel world stuck again on Saturday morning (Aug 1) when I learned that some lame ass mother fucker stole my bike. Right out of the parking spot where I had it chained up. They took the chain and all. Basically, some bolt cutters were involved. I live in a relatively good neighborhood too. Right between a couple of schools. This shit shouldn't happen. It was clearly an inside job and I was cased. Some fool watched me and played me. They came through the neighborhood and knew right where to sneak into the parking area and take what was mine.

It is one of those unfortunate situations where you just say goodbye to the bike. I will never see it again. The Green Bay Police have drunk drivers and ticket scalpers to take care of. Petty bike thievery is not one of their concerns. Rest assured, I am paranoid and suspicious now.

Little bro and I went to Packers' training camp on Thursday. It was a good time. The pictures are up on Facebook. The offense practiced on our end of the field. They looked damn good. The new practice field was awesome too. They actually have a nice setup with no chain link fence getting in your way. Rodgers is set to have another big year. The defense was a question mark since majority of the starters were sitting out.

Best part of going to training camp was that I had Thursday off. Which was a feat. It seems that getting a day off at work is like finding Osama Bin Laden. Neither is likely these days. The sad part is that I have 15 days of vacation that I probably won't be able to use. How it all built up is beyond me. I guess I lead a boring life. I have about 13 days of sick time as well. I would use that for dental appointments I have to make, but they treat it like vacation so I won't be getting off for that either. It is basically a crock of shit. They give you time that you aren't able to use.

Some days it is like bending over and grabbing your ankles. But in this case you know its coming and you are essentially forced to watch while someone does play by play with a telestrater right in front of you. In fact, it is John Madden and he mumbles a few bits about Brett Favre.

Sigh. I really do hate my job. No doubt about it. Sure I enjoy the people I see everyday, but the job just isn't exciting in the slightest. It is gotten redundant, boring, and predictable. There is no real challenge to it and no means to stay motivated. If I get even better at what I do, I am still doing what I am doing.

Coming to that realization has put a plan in motion for me to get to something better. I've been scouring internal jobs to find something more suitable for me. I am not even just talking about a job matching my skill set. I am just looking for something that allows me to be effective and not bored. There is a high probability that such a thing doesn't exist within the company. If not, oh well. I guess I'll just expand my search.

The inevitable move from Green Bay forms a more clear picture in my head every day. I need to get out of this poser of a city. If it wasn't for the Packers being here, I wouldn't me interested in much of anything. A single guy living on his own isn't going to entertain himself unless he is hitting up the bars looking to infect his genitals with the venereal disease of the week. Well, that's not me. And I don't drink, so none of that lifestyle appeals to me.

Madison is the very likely choice for a move. One reason being that the bulk of my social base is down there. The second main draw would be that jobs are much more prevalent and diverse. Here in Green Bay it seems to be call center or factory if you want to make any decent money. Madison is also interesting. There is culture and things to do. If I want to randomly find some midnight showing of Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, someone might be doing one. State Street always offers something new as well. Ultimately it would be more fun out there. And I am too young to not want to have a little fun in my life. The routine of coming home, making dinner, watching tv, check the Internet, and go to bed just isn't cutting it. I have more potential energy than that.

I am also fairly certain that the women in Madison are more interesting as well. There are more of them, so the odds are that there is a foul mouthed geek type who likes movies and sports. Not gonna find that here.

If not Madison, I would reconsider something on the outskirts of Milwaukee. Not West Allis though. Never in 100 years. I'd have to let Amy figure out the perfect spot for me there. I trust her more than I trust myself.

The idea of just up and leaving Wisconsin altogether has crossed my mind. Somewhere with a mild climate would be nice, even if my pal David insists I should move to Los Angeles and drop scripts as a waiter. Something like Portland, Salt Lake City, or Seattle would be just find. I hear good things about those cities. Portland especially. I haven't thought through what the hell I would do out there, but that doesn't matter at this point. There are many smaller details to figure out before any of that would be even a remote reality.

Wow, look at that. Several pages about nothing. Time for my quick thoughts:

Many of the fans at training camp were utter uneducated morons. The douche bags behind us believed Michael Vick was going to be signed on Thursday afternoon. They also mocked their own children because they were asking honest questions about what they were watching. I hope someone glues their dicks to their stomachs.

Speaking of that, wow! That is one messed up story. How convenient is it that the guy has child abuse charges dropped on him as soon as the wife gets charged for the while imprisonment ordeal. I am sure that was her backup for when she got arrested. They are all messed up works of art.

Billy Mays and cocaine? The more I think about it, the more it starts to make sense. He always did seem jittery and frantic. There has to be a tell all biography in the works. Money says Billy had a thing for hookers.

I still think laundry is the most boring household chore ever.

The Game of Things, sold at your local Target remains one of the best I ever played. Nowhere else does “Anime Porn” or “The West” become more hilarious each time it is mentioned.

John Hughes is dead. That is sad. He wrote a lot of good movies. I will now study then and use them to enhance my own writing style.

Time to wrap this up...