Sunday, January 24, 2010

I am a Brett Favre fan, and proud of it...

Oh how I love reading all the hate on Brett Favre coming from the people of Wisconsin (yes, this was sarcasm from me). Packer nation is a bitter and vindictive group of people. There are a good number of these people who honestly believe that Brett owes them something. He doesn’t. There is no debating that fact. I could explain my case, but I don’t have all day to rant at you. The Packers organization and the city of Green Bay are the ones in debt to Brett for everything he did all those years.

Let’s take a look at the haters for a second. Not a one of them is taking into consideration that Brett was not a Packer when he moved on to the Vikings. He didn’t betray anyone. We’ve got our guy now with Aaron Rodgers. Letting Brett go was not a bad decision. Rodgers is the guy. Everything worked out for the Packers. Instead, a lot of people chose to take the irrational route and hate a man who wasn’t even a Packer anymore. These are the same people that will scream after a game about the refereeing when, in all honesty, it was shitty play by the Packers that cause that week’s downfall.

Let’s be honest here, people. Everyone got what they wanted out of this Favre saga. Brett moved on and still got to play at a championship level. Packer nation got the next franchise quarterback without having to endure years of searching for the answer. Mike McCarthy got a guy he could mold and he avoided having an ugly quarterback controversy. Ted Thompson got rid of a man he didn’t want on the roster in the long run and he looked like a genius with the way Rodgers was playing. Also, we got Clay Matthews as a result of Brett leaving. That 3rd round draft pick we got from the Jets was traded to the Patriots in the package that secured Matthews at the end of the first round.

The whole situation before the 2008 was ugly and Brett got the majority of the backlash for it. Had the Pack just let Brett go, it might have been a lot easier for everyone to take and it would have been over. Everyone would have moved on. Instead, the Packers thought about keeping their competitive edge. McCarthy and Thompson aren’t stupid. They knew Brett was capable of doing what he did this season. They knew damn well that there was a chance for him to lead the Vikings to greatness. So, what did they do? In their own best interest, for the sake of the competitive edge, they prevented Brett from choosing his own destiny. Then, a year later, Brett acted in his own best interest. He wanted to play, but for a team that could win. He wanted a team that he would fit into. A team perhaps built for him. He wanted the best chance to win. That was the same thing the Packers wanted. So, he maneuvered himself to Minnesota. He did something in his own best interest. Try to tell me that you have never EVER done that. I will call you a bold faced liar. Don’t bullshit me. To hate on Brett Favre makes you a hypocrite. You would have done the same thing.

While we are being honest, let’s get to another reason many of you are bitter. This isn’t just bitter, but a growing bitterness with each week of success from the Vikings. Many of you are just jealous. You are upset that Brett still has the skills, but took them to Minnesota. How dare he do that! Sorry, folks, but it is wrong to think like that. We didn’t own Brett Favre. He doesn’t belong to the Packers legacy. Sure, he is part of it, but does not belong to it. He only belongs to his own legacy. You can’t go on having the “If we can’t have him, nobody can!” philosophy. It is illogical and selfish. Let’s also remember how fine people were with kicking him to the curb to New York last season. It didn’t necessarily sitting well with Packer nation, but it was what it was. Then, Brett becomes a threat to the Packer livelihood. That is when shit hit the fan.

Packer nation is the bitter ex-boyfriend who doesn’t want to see their girl with anyone else. It enrages them to see Brett with someone else. How dare he be happy if we aren’t happy?

Go ahead, everyone. Get bitter. Get angry. Be petty. Call Brett names. Swear at the television. Vow to disown him. Take it personally even though the man doesn’t even know you. Be irrational. Me, I’ll use some logic. I’m going to root for my hero, Brett Favre.