Sunday, June 28, 2009

Get up and shake the glitter off your clothes, now

(i spell checked but that is it. I apologize for all grammatical shit)

Have any of you watched “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel Channel? It is just like “Ghost Hunters”, but more or less more 'roided” up. If that makes sense. Basically, the guy hosting it is a lost louder and more obnoxious than anyone on the other ghost shows out there. I am not sure if I like the show yet. I believe they are as legit as the TAPS crew on Ghosthunters, but more upfront and involved while they hunt. They are much more active and get right into the mix of things. The host guy is quiet when need be, but has no problem giving a play by play of what he is feeling. Very intense. I will hold back judgment after a few more episodes.

Yeah, I know. You could have cared less about that last paragraphs. You want me to get to the good shit. You want me to talk about something of interest to you. Okay. I can try to stir something up.

Truth be told, there hasn't been that much excitement in life since Vegas. One funny story that I have isn't sharable over a blog. I'll tell a few of you on a private basis. It is nothing inappropriate. I just want to be respectful of the circumstances that created a very awkward moment for me.

I assume many of you are aware of my viewing of WWE Raw this past Monday. It was a show that made big news here in Green Bay. It was not because of how awesome the show was, but more because of the presence of one Donald Trump. You see, The Donald was part of a storyline that made him the owner of the Monday Night Raw show. He was trying to be all fan friendly and shit, so he called a press conference at the Green Bay airport. His big announcement? He was giving everyone in attendance a full refund.

Yeah. I didn't believe it when I heard it either. Then I got to the show. They made sure to announce the fact we got refunds several times and even handed out slips explaining how we could get our refunds. I paid with a VISA, so I would be getting mine back automatically. Despite some shitty storytelling by the WWE, they stuck with their initial promise to refund people.

The best part about this all was that my seats were in the third row. (See my photos for a perspective) I had a great view and the best seats I have ever had at live wrestling show. I got all kinds of great pictures as well as some time on television. Nate claims I had more face time than Trump on this week's show. I won't argue with Nate. So, all these cool things happened and it was absolutely no cost to me in the end.

Did I mention that I had signs? I had two I put up and had on television. The first was “Vince got trump'd”. Which goes along with the storyline with the Donald. The second sign was kind of a tribute to my hatred of John Cena. Well, maybe not my hatred, but Jason's hatred. Unbeknown to Jason, I created a sign on his behalf. One that he would notice immediately. The kind of sign he would never forget. What did it say?


That > means “greater than” for you math illiterate individuals.

Yep. I did that. He and Nate watched the show on DVR delay. It was near the end when I started getting texts from Jason. He was shocked and in awe at the same time. Clearly it was cool to have his nickname on national television. However, I believe it was a little disappointing for him to see that world now assumed that John Cena was better than him.

Cena isn't. But it is still funny.

By Wednesday night, my RAW refund was gone because I had something to spend it on. In this case it was a 6 pound and 9 ounce bundle of joy named Addison Mae. On Monday morning my sister gave birth to her third child. Little Addison is my second niece and as adorable as any baby I have ever seen.

The kid is so tiny and adorable. I got to visit with her today. Only a few days old and she is quiet as can be. Then I looked over to her big sister who is as loud and obnoxious as can be. Gosh, I remember when Hannah was actually a quiet little baby. Kids grow up fast.

Work just dragged on this week. Honestly, I was really at the end of my rope. I can't do much more of it. There are only so many phone calls I can take before everything just gets old. Granted every person I speak with is different and behaves differently. However, what I tell them is the same old shit. It seems like I can almost predict what they are going to ask and the stupid excuses they are going to have. And let me tell you, their excuses are fucking stupid. Every last one of them.

These people go for years at a time paying for their premium. They don't question it. They just do it. It isn't an issue to them because they have no reason to be concerned. Then they go in for one office visit for a cough. They get their claim back and learn they have to pay $64 for the exam. However, they don't feel as if that is correct. They think that because they pay for insurance that we'll pay for all of their office visits. Needless to say, they are incorrect. There is a deductible to be met before anyone is paying anything on their office visit.

For several years they had no issue with their insurance just being there in the case of a major medical disaster. They put in what is probably thousands of dollars without question. This isn't an issue for them. But they have to throw down an extra $64 and that prompts a phone call. They better get on the line with their insurance carrier to lay the smack down. Someone needs to hear about it. After all, they are paying insurance so they don't have medical expenses. They better start yelling at the customer service representative as if they didn't get their extra order of French fries with their extra value meal. Someone needs to be yelled at because the caller swears that their office visit should be paid. In fact, they are now demanding it.

Threatening words about canceling the policy soon follow the initial arguments and admissions of ignorance. It sure has been years now that the member had been paying for insurance and apparently had no idea what their coverage was. I don't buy their bullshit, but I give them their appeal rights anyway. Part of me wants to call them out on their nonsense. I want to tell them to pull their heads out of their asses. Would these people buy a television without doing some research on it? They aren't going to drop $1500 on an HDTV and then call up Best Buy three years later when they discover it doesn't have picture in picture. They'd get laughed at by Best Buy. They know how stupid they would look since they had every opportunity to ask questions and do research on their purchase. Deep down they know the truth. They are well aware that they should know better. It is nobody's fault except their own. Now because they know they are a real fucking idiot, they need to take it out on someone. They need to piss and moan to the first person they get on the phone. Maybe whining and pleading ignorance will get them some special treatment.

Sorry sir, but this still isn't a cheeseburger and fries.

Oops. Did I rant much? Oh well. Sometimes I just gotta let loose and go. I wonder if this same scenario happens at other places. I would imagine that elements of it are unique to the insurance industry. As it seems, when something is tangible, people tend to take their own personal responsibility. When it is an abstract product, then they tend to not see it or fully understand it. Maybe I should do some kind of research study on it when I eventually go back to school. I could call it “Why are people ignorant assholes?”

Maybe it could win me a scholarship or something.

Who has plans for the 4th? I know I do. I'll be heading down to meet up with Jay in Madison. For the past four years or so, since we had been in Whitewater, I had gone to Franklin with him on the 4th. His grandparents do a good old fashioned barbecue. Oh, and there is a fun little festival in the park down the street. It has been quite fun. Jason, Amy, and I usually blow a ton of money on carnival games and food. I also enjoy the antics of Jason's aunt Cindi. She is quite the character. One of those “says what is on her mind' kind of people who is an enthusiast of juice (read: vodka). My friends are my second family so it is nice to have this little tradition going on. Plus there is always good desert. It also helps that Jason's grandmother doesn't let us leave without food.

Time for random things that cross through my head:

“Frotch” is a funny word. Tanya and I came up with it one time during a Brewers game. I believe it was in an attempt to mock Seth McClung for having a face crotch. I like sharing these fun things with the world.

Lady Gaga is one filthy bitch. It wasn't until Friday that I realized her song “Poker Face” included the words “Bluffing with my muffin!” What a skank!

I saw little Julie Mihm yesterday. It was pretty much like old times. She recalls me as being borderline inappropriate. I tend to disagree. There is no borderline. I just cross it all the time.

You know what is totally awesome (in the sarcastic sense)? When people who are supposedly related to you, like you know, family, can't seem to grasp the concept that you are 27 years old and an adult. I haven't lived with my mother for the basically ten years now, people! Oh and stop asking me like “What are you going to school for?” I graduated four fucking years ago!

“Public Enemies” looks fantastic. Utterly fantastic. I can't wait to see it.

I went into Walgreen's to pick up my wrestling pictures yesterday. When I say my name, the woman knows right where my photos are. No, they were not in the “W” bin where one might expect. Instead they were on top of the shelf right behind her. Then as she hands the envelope to me she says “So, ringside seats, eh?” That is when I notice that they probably were rifled through. I say they were third row and my camera is good. Then she says that her son was there and only got pics of backs of heads. Then she is very forward and asks if she can just print off some of mine for her kid. To me this is both flattering and creepy at the same time. Now the thought of creepiness went away when I realized that the woman probably was the one who processed the pictures. She probably sees all kinds of shit that she makes mental notes of. Now she at least asked me. I suppose that she could have just printed them without me ever knowing, but she was upfront. Basically, long story short, I feel like I took awesome photos.

Storheim's, an overpriced custard and burger place here in Green Bay, closed a couple months back. Opened in its place in a remodeled building is a little drive up car hop style place called Gilly's. It is run by family of the people who own the famous Gille's in Milwaukee. I had food from there today. It was good and reasonably priced. Rock on.

I love the Pepsi Rock Band Promotion. I have won 15 free tracks thus far. Totally awesome in my book.

It upsets me when it is supposed to storm, but doesn't.

Have you been watching “Harper's Island?”. Your loss! It was excellent this week.

Also good was a TV pilot for a little show called “Virtuality”. It has not been picked up yet, but would be a critical darling if it was.

Why do random scary people have to comment about my throwback Paul Molitor jersey? Shut up, you're creepy!

Peace out, peeps!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

You're gonna be a shining star, with fancy clothes, fancy car-ars.

Random thoughts on a Saturday night:

So, a vacation is supposed to provide you with rest and relaxation, thus allowing you to return to work fresh and rejuvenated, right? Not so much when you go to Las Vegas and have the best time ever. Going back to work just reminded me how much I hate it.

The Brewers are a little inconsistent lately. However, Prince seems a little motivated as of late. Good for him. Craig Counsell has been earning his keep as well. They need to give him more money. The old man is showing the kids how it is done.

While flipping through channels, I realized that Susan Boyle reminds me of the crazy bird lady from “Home Alone 2”

Has anyone seen previews for that Disney movie, “G-Force”. Yeah, I know right? Total crap in 3-D. Now, I am all for movies with a ridiculous concept, but this is a little too much for me. Especially since this movie was clearly put together to get money from children. I doubt it'll be worth anything to anyone who is above the age of 7.

Does anyone even use MySpace these days?

I bought a throwback Brewers jersey last weekend. Paul Molitor. Good ole number 4. It is bad ass.

I am going camping next weekend. I am really not so ready for it. I probably should be. I'm not however. Eh. I'll get ready. I don't need much more than a sleeping bag and some clothes.

CiCi's Pizza. There are always commercials. However, I have never seen one. $5 for a pizza buffet makes me not trust them.

There will be a Vegas themed blog at some point in the coming weeks. Stories need to be told. They won't be as fantastic as “The Hangover”, but it was fun none the less. In my story, Jason knocks Mike Tyson out.

Sigh. I think I'll sleep in on Sunday morning. Maybe go shopping and get some donuts after that.