Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happenstancing With Myself

It is no secret to me that this blog can be pulled up by doing the right Google search. I say a lot of various “things” here. Some probably could shine a dark light on me. Crude comments, vulgarity, and the occasional politically incorrect comment could give someone a bad impression of me. I better shape up real soon. You never know when you might have a potential employer being shady and doing a Google search of you during the hiring process. It is a good thing I am not currently in a situation where a new job could be affecting by the naughty things that I say.

Oh wait. That is exactly the situation that I am in right now. Well, I really wouldn’t worry about it though. I do have to give them credit if they manage to find this blog in the first place. I can’t really judge them either. Who doesn’t Google the shit out of people when they are looking to hire him or her? If I were an employer I would be Googling people before I even interviewed them. It would probably be a good idea to keep that quiet though. There might be some law about hiring practices that prohibits the use of Facebook photographs to disqualify candidates from job opportunities.

Hold on a moment, I think one of my neighbors is masturbating in the hallway.

Nope, guess not. Who knows what that noise was? Could have been a hook handed murderer for all I know. Oh fuck. I used the word masturbate in this blog. That can’t be good if someone Googles me. Honestly, though, I should probably be worried about someone important finding this. As it turns out, it isn’t as hard to find as I thought. This was a fact that I discovered in the past couple days via Twitter and a simple search of my name. Yes, I did search my name because I was curious as to what dirt would come up on me.

This is the point where you are wondering what the hell I am talking about. A few days ago I posted my very positive review of an indie movie I saw at the Wisconsin Film Festival. That movie was called “The Scenesters” (review is here). It was awesome. I made that very clear and will continue to say as much. Well, some people found this review. First, Mid Winter Productions, the company that produced the film, started following me on Twitter. Upon checking the Twitter page, I saw that they linked to the review. Cool, right? Then tonight I was trying to see which of my skeletons would emerge from Google when I discovered that one of the stars of the movie, Jeff Grace, posted a link on his Facebook fan page. Awesome, right? The guy even put the link up on his official website.

It was cool to get some acknowledgement for something I wrote. Normally I only get acknowledgement from the customers whose emails I answer every day. That isn’t so exciting nor is it amusing in any way. None of them have ever made a movie or anything. This latest development is ten to twelve levels cooler than any of that.

There’s that noise in the hallway again. Maybe it is an omen or something. Perhaps that means I should stop writing about blogs affecting my job prospects. Hmmmm.


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