Wednesday, September 9, 2009

nfl predictions

It is that time of the year again! No, I am not talking about the awesome time of the year where Halloween candy is abundant and scary things are for sale everywhere. However, I have been eying up these real cool pirate skull lights at Walgreens. Probably will get those before October rolls around. Oh, I got a little off topic. Where was I? Oh! One of my favorite times the year is upon us! FOOTBALL SEASON!

Without a doubt, the story of this football season is that of an aging man who was castaway by his football family who had moved on with their young and talented star. Yes, I am referring to Brett Favre and the drama that followed him this summer. Love him or hate him, this is the biggest story in sports this fall. When he comes to Green Bay on November 1, all hell could break loose. The irrational Packer nation seems to believe he is a traitor. They tend to forget that Brett was the one set packing to New York last season, a move he didn't volunteer for. Then he was cut loose and decided to be a hotbed of indecision. In many ways, he douched it up for a couple months and wouldn't let his true intentions known. Call it arrogance or call it strategy, but in the end he still ended up in Minnesota. It is a favorable spot for him. If he can still go like claims he can go, then the Vikings are in a good position.

There is a lot of talk about the locker room divide on Minnesota. That is understandable. They were deceived by their coaches and management. Tarvaris Jackson was almost looking like a good ball player. However, deep down, the Viking nation didn't believe the guy had it in him to be great. Maybe good, but not great. They'd rather settle for good from a future hall of famer. That's what they decided. That's what pissed off an entire state. Yeah. I get it. A lot of you hate Brett Favre. I refuse to do so. He has a right to play. The Vikings wanted him. He was available. Boom. It was done. If anyone has the right to be pissed off, it is the Vikings quarterbacks and those who supported them. Us as Packers fans need to realize that he is a person, not a commodity.

Regardless of your feelings, you have to be looking forward to that game.

Predictions? You're talking Predictions? I'd just like to win a damn game!

Okay, so this is the part of the blog where I give you my thoughts on who will win each division. Wild Card winners with have an '*' next to their name. Shall we just get started on this?


  1. New England Patriots

  2. Miami Dolphins

  3. Buffalo Bills

  4. New York Jets


  1. San Diego Chargers (Home Field)

  2. Denver Broncos

  3. Kansas City Chiefs

  4. Oakland Raiders


  1. Baltimore Ravens

  2. Pittsburgh Steelers*

  3. Cincinnati Bengals

  4. Cleveland Browns


  1. Tennessee Titans (Bye)

  2. Houston Texans *

  3. Indianapolis Colts

  4. Jacksonville Jaguars

Conference Championship: Titans over Chargers


  1. Philadelphia Eagles

  2. Dallas Cowboys

  3. Washington Redskins

  4. New York Giants


  1. Arizona Cardinals

  2. Seattle Seahawks

  3. San Francisco 49ers

  4. St. Louis Rams


  1. New Orleans Saints (Home Field)

  2. Atlanta Falcons*

  3. Carolina Panthers

  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers



  1. Green Bay Packers (Bye)

  2. Minnesota Vikings *

  3. Chicago Bears

  4. Detroit Lions

Conference Championship: Saints over Packers

SUPER BOWL: Saints over Titans

Coach of the Year: Mike McCarthy (via Dom Capers)

Offensive Player of the Year: Adrian Peterson

Defensive Player of the Year: Charles Woodson

NFL MVP: Drew Brees

Rookie of the Year Offensively: Percy Harvin

Rookie of the Year Defensively: BJ Raji

How many games will Detroit win this year? I say 7

Where will Brandon Marshall end up? I say, Dallas. Jerry Jones has a thing for idiots.

What about Mark Tauscher, will he be signed? Maybe by Dunkin Donuts

How long before Michael Vick gets into more trouble: Next spring. At a petting zoo.

I believe the Packers take the game in Minnesota while the Vikings take the one here in Green Bay. Which will cause a riot that I can see flaming up from my apartment.