Monday, March 29, 2010

A rant and some brew

What kind of parents take their children to a rated R movie? I only ask this question because this past weekend I saw a woman walk into “Hot Tub Time Machine” with three children who had to be between the ages of 9 and 12. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world had it been a PG-13 buddy cop movie. However, “Hot Tub Time Machine” was a hard “R”. I promise that the kids didn’t even get a quarter of the jokes, not to mention all of the awesome 80s references. A gaggle of children who haven’t hit puberty don’t belong seeing bare chested women unless they happen to be one of the creepy kids who still breast feed.

My point is that I was slightly appalled by that nonsense. Those kids are going to be the ones left alone after school every day to raise themselves. They’ll be drinking before they even hit high school. Then they’ll get some hood rat knocked up. Before you know it they’ll be snorting coke in a bathroom stall off some hooker’s ass. Hell, the only good parenting involved in the decision to take those kids to that movie was that the mother was actually there with the kids and not off theater jumping into “Repo Man”. That is Green Bay for you. Lots of people with as much class as Ricky Martin is straight.

Baseball season is coming up next week. I am thrilled because that means we will get the Brewers on tv about five nights a week. This is great since we often are without new episodes of the best shows during week. I can turn on the game and get a few hours of mocking Bill Schroeder before I go to bed. Hell, I am even going to miss having the games on as background noise while I read. But honestly, I just have learned to really love the game of baseball the past few years. It is hard not to get excited about seeing Prince Fielder knock the shit out of a ball. I’d even get psyched to see him charge the mound. Also, I can’t help but get excited for the chance to once be conflicted every time Ryan Braun is at the plate since he really is an uber douchebag.

Oh, did I mention that I am going to the spring training game at Miller on Saturday? Yep, I am sure am. That should be exciting. I know it’s only a preseason game, but there will still be a fun atmosphere at Miller Park. I plan on taking the ole glove and living the delusion that I will catch a foul ball. One day that is going to happen. I will not envy the small child that takes my elbow to the face. That will be an important life lesson that many young people can gain from. It is important to know that the universe owes me and one day I will get a fun moment like catching a foul ball.

I also am excited about getting a new ball cap. Maybe ya’ll can help me pick one out ahead of time:

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