Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar Blog #5

Does anyone have any idea who the hottie with George Clooney might be? She is the only thing interesting me while they are presenting some best short film awards.

Sweet Jesus, it is Ben Stiller looking like one of those Avatar things. See how much I really got into the movie? I didn’t even remember the name of the race of blue people in the movie. All those flashy effects didn’t leave me with anything to think about apparently. Stiller is out to hand out the best make-up award. He is speaking the gibberish the blue cat people spoke. James Cameron isn’t offended like I would have guessed. Maybe he now has a sense of humor.

Star Trek won! It was up against some movies where you couldn’t even tell the people were wearing makeup. So it is a good thing it one. JJ Abrams is name dropped! These three make-up artists are overwhelmed with this award. I am glad to see people legitimately appreciative when they win.

Jeff Bridges is out to introduce A Serious Man. It is cool that Bridges is out to introduce another movie. Well, these clips make me want to see this movie. I will have to get on that.


Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhal are out to introduce the Best Adapted Screenplay. Rachel is looking quite stunning tonight. I’d like to cuddle with her. If she let me. I hope the District 9 screenplay wins here. The winner is Geoffrey Fletcher for the Precious screenplay. He seemingly gets a standing ovation. Another guy who is thrilled to have won. He is legitimately moved. He probably should be.

Queen Latifah is out to present the video for the honorary awards that were given out a few nights ago. Lauren Bacall is a funny 85 year old woman. She made a great riff about a two legged man in her room for the night. Ha. I love when old women talk dirty.

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