Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscars # 7


Sandra Bullock, star of Speed II: Cruise Control, is out to present the award for this category. Can Avatar lose this one too? Nope. Some guy wins it for James Cameron and his evil minions.

This leads to Demi Moore coming out as they play Unchained Melody in the background. She must be out to do the tribute to dead people. For an older woman, Demi looks quite young. Gosh I have been doing a lot of gawking at women tonight.


J-Lo and the next Hollywood superstar, Sam Worthington, are out for these one. I hope the guy who wrote the score for Up wins. I like what they are doing here by having some dancers on stage doing bits for every nominated score. This is different from what I can remember of anything in previous years.

YES! Another shot of Clooney after the dancers finished their performance. He makes a face at us. The man has an awesome sense of humor and is willing to poke fun at himself.

Michael Giacchino wins for Up! Rock on! He also did a score for this year’s Star Trek and often contributes to episodes of Lost and Fringe.


They allowed Bradley Cooper to present an award! Nice! This one is totally going to Avatar. No way it doesn’t. Yep. There it was. It looked spectacular. I can admit that much. The 3D was cool, even if it did wear off after about 40 minutes. Why does everyone who comes out to accept an award for Avatar have to give James Cameron a verbal blow job?

Jason Bateman in the house! That man must be thrilled that his career was resurrected after he did Arrested Development. He is out to introduce Up in the Air, a movie he starred in. He made a great joke about getting to boss around George Clooney. After seeing the video package, the more I realized that Up in the Air was an excellent reflection of our society amidst this economic hardship. Let’s get back to Bateman for a second. He has picked a lot of roles in recent years in movies that did remarkable things. Juno and Up in the Air were nominated for best picture awards. He was in The Kingdom which was one of the best films of 2007. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up with an acting nomination sometime in the near future.

The Hurt Locker just took home an award for Film Editing. They are winning awards left and right. This is great for them. Maybe people will now go rent the movie and give it some money it deserves.

Okay, who invited Keanu Reeves to the Oscars? Not funny. And he almost shits on The Hurt Locker by introducing it.

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