Sunday, March 7, 2010

Live Oscar Blog #2

Interesting start to the show. They lined up all the actors and actresses for the top acting awards and named them all off. What the hell is that about?

Holy shit! Speak of the devil! Neil Patrick Harris! Oh my god! That is legendary! He is starting the show with a song and dance number! They should have just had him host the show. Well, I assume the producers realized that he was a commodity. Money says he hosts next year.

Baldwin and Martin are on fire. Martin probably wrote the bulk of the jokes here. They are not pulling the punches. Everyone is subject for a joke…. Including a joke about Woody Harrelson being high. Clooney doesn’t look entirely amused here. I wonder if that is the joke. Yep, it is. Clooney is a good sport.

They just showed Zac Effron and Taylor Lautner. Only one of them has talent, which isn’t anything I want to admit. So Zac Effron, take this compliment from me. Now, not too fast. I didn’t say you had a lot of talent.

There’s Clooney again. Looking quite annoyed (intentionally). I bet this one comes into play again later.


These clips are the first looks I have had at some of these nominees. Looks like Matt Damon and Woody Harrelson kicked ass in their respective roles. Money is on Christoph Waltz though. He was a menacing villain in Inglorious Basterds . ……AND Waltz won it. He seems so timid whenever he speaks at these awards shows. I can’t imagine how he played such an evil person.

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