Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar 9 - Best Actress


Let’s see who they bring out for this one. Forrest Whitaker was chosen to talk about Sandra Bullock. Interesting choice. However, I didn’t know that he directed Hope Floats. Michael Sheen rambles on about Helen Mirren. She has a spider web tattoo? It is no wonder why she is so hot for an older woman. Peter Sarsgaard gives us his take on Carrie Mulligan. Who is she? Oprah in the house! She is out to give us talk about the girl from Precious, Gabourey Sidibe. Oprah makes a point about this being a fairy tale story for this girl. If she wins, it is a fairy tale. Stanley Tucci raves on about Meryl Streep. We’ve all heard about her before.

Who will win this award? I honestly have no clue. Streep always has a chance. Probably will win. Many people think Bullock wins this one. I think it might be the girl from Precious. Sean Penn will tell us. And then he’ll wish us rectal cancer. Drumroll… Sandra Bullock! Last night she won a couple Razzies for some of her other movies. This is a huge surprise if you ask me. Who would have ever thought? She is gracious and funny tonight. She cracks a Clooney joke! Yes! She caps off her speech with a tribute to her mother. It was sweet.

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