Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Oscar blogging


Robin Williams is out to present this award. I wonder how much coke he snorted earlier tonight. He better get ready to step aside because MoNique is about to win this award. If she doesn’t, I am going to turn off the tv and not bother with the rest of the show. I can play some video games instead. However, I did grow a little crush on Vera Farmiga after seeing Up in the Air. Then again, her performance wasn’t earth shattering. She is just charming as hell.

Poor little Anna Kendrick was dropped into this category with a tough bunch for her first nomination. She’ll be back for something else. I can count on that. Time to announce the winner….. Monique! Congrats to her. I haven’t seen that movie yet, but I hear she just owns the role. She is getting a standing ovation and it is probably well deserved. From what I hear, he performance is the best of the year all together, in any category. She thanks her husband with a story about him telling her that sometimes you have to forgo what is popular to do something right.

I just fast forwarded through some boring shit. Charlize Theron introduces Precious. Theorn is looking classy tonight. However my gazing at her was ruined when the announcer said that the Twilight kids were going to be on the shoe. I hope that movie franchise goes away soon.

YES! Martin and Baldwin are doing a Paranormal Activity spoof. This is fantastic because I thought Paranormal Activity was incredibly underrated. It was something different than most horror movies we’ve seen in recent years. There were no fantastic special effects or cheap scares. It all felt so real. Okay, so the Twilight kids get momentary forgiveness for introducing a tribute to horror films. Wow, to think that it’s been 37 years since The Exorcist won a couple Oscars. Horror really is the shit on genre. That is probably because the shitty movies outnumber the excellent ones by about 10 to 1. This makes me want to write an Oscar worthy horror movie. One last thing before I move off this topic. I saw them show some Twilight clips in this video package. Nope. Those movies do not count as horror. Maybe horrible, but not horror.


There’s Zac Effron again! Damn him! But he brought out Anna Kendrick. She’s cute. Oh! Morgan Freeman is doing a narration for the sound editing category. He makes an awesome joke about narrating even though he is in the crowd. Great stuff. Some guy from The Hurt Locker won this award. Yes! One more that Avatar does not win. Take that!

How is this different from the last category? Oh well, same guy from The Hurt Locker won. Good. He can win all night as long as Avatar loses more awards.

Why is Elizabeth Banks out here? Oooh. She is introducing the winners for the science technology winners that shouldn’t be mentioned since they aren’t going to name the people.

Travolta comes out to introduce Glorious Basterds. He should have apologized for not making a good movie in the better part of 12 or so years.

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