Sunday, April 26, 2009

every move I make feels lost with no direction...

Probably a short one tonight... the blog, I am writing. Nothing else, pervs.

What's new? How have you been? Great to hear that. That is so exciting! Congratulations on the _________.

Now that we have that out of the way, let us recap some things.

1. I still haven't heard any word on the job I interviewed for about 2 weeks ago. That is fine. No hurry. I keep crossing my fingers, though. This job could add a few years back onto my life. Not talking to crazies every day can do that.

2. The Brewers went on a little winning streak. It is about time. Dave Bush might have his game back. We are going to need that down the stretch. The game on Saturday night was exciting as hell though. Extra innings and a win! Yes, please! I will take that any night. Better yet is that the Crew played a little small ball and produced runs.

3. Packers drafted twice in the first round with a surprise trade. Ted Thompson must have eaten a bad burrito because he never trades his way up. He sure did yesterday and we got some kid named Clay Matthews. Yes, he is the some of THAT Clay Matthews. I was at Lambeau Field during that part of the draft for the annual draft party. It is a cheap little bit of entertainment. For $25 bucks you get a free had and a ticket to an autograph session where you get two players to sign your shit! Well, as luck would have it, my brother, nephew, and I were sitting in the right place as a man just handed us his autograph tickets. AWESOME. We had 5 tickets at this point. Then we found another ticket on a table, so Nathan and I had access to all three sessions by the end of the day. Then we got Dayton in with us under the justification that we couldn't leave him on his own. Which we technically couldn't because I didn't want to chase him down after he wandered off. So, whose autographs do I have? How about James Jones, Aaron Rouse, Jordy Nelson, Will Blackmon, and former player Aaron Taylor. He was wearing his Super Bowl ring. It was impressive. Oh, I forgot to mention that Mark Chmura gave me an autograph as well. I had to bite my tongue because I really wanted to ask him about “it”.

Quick hits:

Ever see the channel Palladia on cable? It rocks, literally. They show all kinds of concerts in HD as well as actual music videos. MTV should take note.

I bought a bobble head gnome on Saturday. It rocks. I love bobble heads. And the amusement of gnomes stretches back about 9 years, so it was an awesome combination.

Anyone out there want to see Star Trek with me?

21 days until I go to Vegas! Anyone know of any good attractions out there that I might not know about?

I had some gut rot today. It was either the Taco Bell or Little Caesar's.

Ever been in a situation where you realize that although you are surrounded by a shit ton of people, you really don't know any of them? Awkward as hell, right? Yep, sure is. Those are times where spending the evening at home in front of the TV is not such a bad idea.

The weather is getting nice. Thus, I need to break out the bike and get off my ass a bit more.

People like to cry on the phone when they call us at work. Apparently that is supposed to make them appear sympathetic to us. Well, it usually means we aren't allowed to get to the core of their problem. Then it just gets worse from there. Cut the crying bullshit, people. Save it for when you really need it in life.

Anybody want to come up and watch some Packers Training Camp? I am going to pick some random days off in the middle of May so I can go. Granted it is right down the street, it is still a good time.

Time to eat a little something and go to bed.


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