Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's not as if the sun won't shine when the clouds above wash the blues away...

I hate waiting for medicine to kick in. Especially, the stuff that is supposed to make you sleepy. The worst part is that it doesn't usually kick in until you have already fallen asleep. So, because you are sleeping, your body metabolizes it at a slower rate, thus causing one to wake up groggy as hell. So, while I wait for this shit to do it's magic, I figured I could recap for you, another mundane week in my life.

Yippy Skippy with Banana Creme!

You know what sucks? Going to the Dentist. I don't even care what it is for, it still sucks. There is something incredibly uneasy about someone putting their hands in your mouth. I don't care if it is just the assistant or the dentist, I just get a little nervous when they move those instrument towards my mouth. I'd rather be stabbed in the hand with a fork. Even more so, it has to take a brave person (like my rock star friend, Mandy) to go to work every day and deal with people's mouths. If I did it, I would feel like a mother fucking lion tamer every time I went to work. I'd be waiting for that fucker to snap at me every time. Anyway, the real worst part about dental visits is that eventually you'll get the bill, even if you have insurance. Hell, if you need to get any real work done, the insurance coverage dries up quicker than a vagina in a retirement home.

Yeah, I said that.

Speaking of awesome things that aren't appropriate for the ears of children, I finally went out and saw “I Love You, Man”. The movie is by no means the funniest one I have ever seen, but it is well played. They nail the concept of a grown man trying to make friends. I related. It is hard to be out of school on your own and trying to make friends. It is awkward and unnatural. Paul Rudd brings that to life on screen. Also, there are some genuine truths about friendships that are brought to the screen as well. Add a little RUSH music on top of that, and you have a little movie treat worth nibbling on.

I am currently attempting to import some of my music CDs to iTunes and the iPod Touch. This took an interesting turn when my CD drive decided to be loud as shit. Seriously, what the hell? As long as it works, I suppose I will deal with it.

Went to a Gambler's hockey game tonight with my little bro and Stann. It was a good time. There was a record attendance at the Resch Center for a Sunday game. The best part was the fight less than a minute into the game. Also, there were dollar hot dogs and soda. I also had a pretzel with cheese. Mmmm. Delicious shit. The Gamblers also won. Which is great because they sucked more than Hoover last year. It was quite pathetic actually. This year is a major turn around.

I wonder if I should import my Wesley Willis album. “Rock and Roll McDonalds” is a classic.

Working overtime seems to get easier every week. Doing 5 hours a week isn't the worst considering that is just an extra hour or two a day. Every extra cent counts when I plan on losing every dime in Vegas. Those bright lights are going to take me for everything I am worth.

Hmm. A different CD seems to be making a difference with my CD drive. That is a relief. God damn, you Green Day and your Bullet in a Bible live CD wanting to blow up my laptop!

I preached all week at work about how great those Cadbury Mini Eggs were. You know the ones. They have the milk chocolate center surrounded by a candy shell. They are simply delicious and understated as an Easter time treat. They should be a year round treat. Well, I tried to find them at Target and Walgreens since they aren't really all that unpopular. They should have had the damn candies. Instead I had to sell my soul to Sam Walton to get a taste of chocolate ambrosia.

Okay, this medicine is starting to kick in a little bit. I should wrap things up before I go all “David at the Dentist”. No need for my hallucinations to become written word. So, here are some quick hits:

Ipod Touch applications are quite amusing.

I might be on a softball team up here in the Bay. Awesome. Now I can use my damn glove. Time to buy new game wear. It is a good thing I have the Mike Cameron shades already.

Some people at work looked at my ID badge picture, which is from September of 07 and said they thought I lost weight. I disagree. I generally just look pudgier in photographs.

When the hell will we be rid of snow all together?

Personal Day on Thursday! Time to trick Steve into seeing “12 Rounds” with me.

Just kidding, I couldn't do that to him. Instead we will watch “The Happening” on Blu Ray.

Speaking of Blu Ray, I was pleased to find my “Firefly” season set in my mailbox on Friday. Woot!

“Dollhouse” was very good on Friday. Give that show a chance.

There was some sort of craze over the DVD release of “Twilight”. Hmm. Nope. Never gonna see it. Now I understand how Sara B felt about “Spiderman”.

Holy shit, I just found some old school pictures from my very first digital camera. These are like 9 yrs old....

Hmm. I also found a document from the year 2000 that contains a trip log of our Valders High School music trip to the good state of Florida. Perhaps I will have to pull that thing out for a blog. Plenty of wonderful moments if I recall....

The story of the swim coach guy in Greenfield, the one with the brand new sex charges, makes me suspicious of all the so called “normal” people I have come across over the years.

Alright, night time.

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