Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Neon Tiger

Yes, I did not do a little dance. Kind of like a victory dance, if you will. Nobody saw it, which is great. I am quite certain I looked rather ridiculous. It is okay though since it was for a damn good reason.

I just got a great deal at on the blu-ray version of “Firefly: The Complete Series”. Oh, hold on a second. Many of you just asked yourself, “What the fuck is that?” I could humor you with a 5,000 word essay on the failed science fiction series, but I will stick to a brief summation. “Firefly” was a show Fox decided to cancel without even giving it a chance. Read about it here:

After the show was axed, it picked up a cult following. I was among the many who didn't watch on Friday nights because it was, well, Friday. Rarely do people watch TV on Fridays. However, they do like to watch shit on DVD. That is where I first watched Firefly. Two episodes in, I was hooked.

Firefly was funny. It was insightful. There was drama, suspense, a great plot, and most importantly, character development. It should be noted that the dialogue was snappy as hell. As it should be since the show was created by Joss Whedon, the mastermind behind the best written dialogue in TV history. Basically, Firefly was about a rag tag group of smugglers for hire..... in space. It was in the future, when humanity is colonizing space. Essentially it had the feel of a western with a sash of Star Wars. Sounds crazy, but it worked. It was unlike anything ever aired on TV. “Was” being the keyword.

What was filmed and released on home video is some of the finest television episodes one can own. Now, I have it. For over half off. On Blu Ray. It will look amazing.

In case you were wondering, you can catch Firefly on

Enough about that. None of you care anyway.

My AWBF, Mandy, came into Green Bay today. (AWBF stands for At Work Best Friend). Granted, she no longer works at Humana, nobody really has filled her shoes. They probably won't. Today I helped her with the introductory pages of her Psychology research paper. It needed to be in APA format and I had written a handful of papers in that format, so we utilized my limited experience. It also helps that there is a piece of paper in a purple frame that says I have a degree in the subject matter. Ha. That's funny. It has been nearly 4 years since I applied my damn studies towards anything.

Seeing Mandy was fun. It was just like old times at the office. Even better was that Mandy took a trip to Vegas last year, so she supplied me with some great intel. Good gosh was the information helpful. There is a casino that rounds people up off the street using dwarf street performers! And apparently they dress like a biker gang. I am not sure why, but this intrigues the shit out of me. In addition to that, I learned that one can get a large drink served up in a plastic receptacle shaped like a full sized guitar. Yeah, Jason, Amy, and Nate will find this to be helpful. That would be the ultimate drink for a true rock star.

I worked 13 hours of overtime the past two weeks. That money adds up and will definitely give me a little cash wad to blow in Vegas. Normally OT is an iffy experience, but since I am motivated to earn extra money, it is tolerable. It really does help to have purpose in one's job. In the extra hours I work, I am usually deciphering medical records. Sounds boring, right? Well, it isn't as bad as it could be.

Medical records often contain interesting bits. The often tell a story of who the person is. Okay, so maybe I just create a story in my head. One will come up with some interesting ideas when they read about someone having herpes of the eye. Yep, you heard that. And yes, I did immediately “go there” when I read that piece of information. However, I did not read anything about the doctor suggesting a good pair of goggles.

Random thoughts:

I watched “Dollhouse” last night. The show keeps getting better. You should check it out.

There isn't a better complimentary appetizer out there than the rolls with cinnamon butter at Texas Roadhouse.

I better not have to wake up to any more new snow on the ground. For god's sake, it is SPRING. Let's keep it that way.

The Badger game on Friday night was intense. As was Siena vs. Ohio State. Overtime NCAA tournament games are some of the best sporting events one can watch.

Okay, time to stay up too late playing The Show on ps3

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