Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just Cut(ler) it out. He isn't THAT bad...

Have any of you noticed how there seems to be some real hate for a young fellow named Jay Cutler?  You might have heard of him.  He’s the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears.  No, not him.   Not him either.  I know it’s hard to keep track of all the Bears quarterbacks since there have been 42 of them since Brett Favre started his first game.  However, I am referring to the most recent guy.  Yep, the one with the pouty face.  NOW you know who I am talking about.  This guy.

He doesn’t look too happy in this picture, does he?   I wonder why that is.  It is probably because his blood sugar was low or something like that.  Now, I don’t exactly understand the disdain people have for Cutler.  I’ve never really picked up on a blatant reason to hate the guy.  Sure he throws an interception or two, but so did the guy us Packers fans followed for 16 years.  We got over it.  Poor Cutler might just need to hang in there for a while.  Maybe if he wins some games, he’ll win some people over.

And it isn’t even just Packers fans who hate on the guy.  The people of Denver were happy to see him traded to the Bears.  News outlets in Wisconsin were quoting Bears fans wishing they had Rodgers as their guy.  Hell, the internet is littered with all kinds of memes making fun of the poor dude.  It apparently is really easy to do so.  If I had photoshop skills, I might get in on this.  Instead, I’ll just let a bunch of other people do it for me.

I found some real winners in the Facebook event named “National F**k the Bears Week!”The site is littered with them.   So, with that, let me share the ones that really warmed my cold heart a bit.

This one is probably my favorite since I especially loved “Inception”.  Incredibly creative.

This one is great because it plays on the LOLZ Cats memes and shows some pouting.

I love a good motivational poster mock up.  

This one brings up something I never noticed about Jay Cutler, but gosh damn, they are right!

This one is just plain offensive.  I don’t agree with it whatsoever.  I am curious if it is a photo shop job or a legit jersey someone runs around wearing on game day.  I doubt it’s a Packers fan wearing this shit.  They wouldn’t waste their money on a Bears jersey.  This has to be a disgruntled Bears fan.  Come on, people, it isn’t so bad for you.  Your team made it to a Super Bowl with Sexy Rexy.

This one isn’t even a mock up.  Someone just found an embarrassing photo.   Simplicity is sometimes the most effective.

Some of the photo skills are a little rough, but they make up for it with a good joke.

This one is just plain clever.
Now as I said, I don’t get the Cutler hate.  Other than his supposed poutiness, he isn’t that bad of a quarterback.  He’ll probably even start more than two consecutive seasons for the Bears.  That would be a feat.   However, I am not naive.   I know that a few solid seasons won’t save Jay Cutler from ridicule from the Packers nation.  We make a pass time out of knocking on the Bears’ quarterback.  We’ve been doing it since Jim McMahon was there.  In actuality, longevity at the QB position makes you fodder for Packers fans.  Just ask Jim Harbaugh, Erik Kramer, and Rex Grossman.

Grossman was actually fun to make fun of.  His erractic game play essentially spoke for itself, so the jokes he endured weren’t as funny as his numbers.  Speaking of numbers, let’s go over the astounding number from before:  42.   That is the number of starting quarterbacks the Bears have had since the beginning of the modern Packers era (we’ll call it that from now on rather than pointing out that it is when Favre started his first game).  For shits and giggles, lets look at the list of field generals from the past 19 years (Source:

1992: Jim Harbaugh, Peter Tom Willis, Will Furrer
1993: Harbaugh, Willis
1994: Erik Kramer, Steve Walsh
1995: Kramer 1996: Kramer, Dave Kreig
1997: Kramer, Rick Mirer
1998: Kramer, Steve Stenstrom, Moses Moreno
1999: Shane Matthews, Cade McNown, Jim Miller
2000: McNown, Matthews, Miller
2001: Miller, Matthews
2002: Miller, Chris Chandler, Henry Burris
2003: Kordell Stewart, Chandler, Rex Grossman
2004: Grossman, Jonathan Quinn, Craig Krenzel, Chad Hutchinson
2005: Kyle Orton, Grossman
2006: Grossman
2007: Grossman, Brian Griese, Orton
2008: Orton, Grossman
2009: Jay Cutler
2010: Cutler, Todd Collins

And yes, I do realize that they are counting guys being shuffled around as an additional start.   Either way, that shit ain’t good.  They probably should have kept Orton.  People didn’t seem to hate him that much.  Hell, they seemed to respect the man’s neck beard.

Maybe that isn’t the best picture of the guy, but I still respect the neck beard.  It takes a big man to pull it off.  In all fairness, Orton had a decent season on a really bad team.  Over 3,600 yards, 20 TDs, and only 9 INTs.  Those numbers are enough to win for a quarterback.   They were just as good, if not better than Cutler (3,274 yards, 26 TDs, 16 INTs).  Kyle Orton still got the good end of that trade.  Even if he is getting pushed out of his job so that the Chosen One can start.  He’ll find a new home and still won’t have to face the ridicule that Cutler will face if he doesn’t win on Sunday.

Now, as I said, I don’t totally get the hate on Jay Cutler.  He is much better than some of the riff raff on that list a few paragraphs back.  Shane Matthews anyone?  Jim Miller?  Chad Hutchinson?   Bears fans should be glad that the guy stays healthy.  Granted he may be inconsistent, I would still take him over most of those other guys.  I respect the fact that he even made it to the NFL when he hadn’t ever played in a bowl game during his time at Vanderbilt.  Hell, this is the first year he has been in the postseason since high school.  The man has something going for him if he is now starting in the NFC Championship game.

Some of the hate is probably jealousy because Cutler is banging Kristin Cavallari from that show I don’t know the name of and would never watch.  That has to count for something, right?  Maybe he has emo hair, but at least he trims it, unlike Mr. Brady in New England.  In fact, he isn’t even the least likable quarterback left in the playoffs.  When has Jay Cutler forced sex on a woman in a bathroom guarded by goons?  Probably never.  

Win or lose, Bears fans, at least your quarterback isn’t an accused rapist.  And that is something to be proud of.

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