Sunday, January 16, 2011

Destiny is calling...

The expectations were high.  A city, a state, and a nation of followers all had the same goal in mind.   Reaching this pinnacle of excellence was not going to be a surprise.  It was what was meant to be.

Are they meant to achieve the ultimate goal?   Are they merely pretenders?   Were the expectations too lofty?  In less than a week, destiny will show its hand.   On the shore of Lake Michigan, there will be an epic showdown like never before seen.  The outcome has yet to be determined, but one thing is for certain:  It was meant to be.

Two men will finally shake off criticism they may never have deserved.  Validation may be 60 minutes away.

Another may be rewarded for more than a decade of devotion. 

A folk hero can write another chapter.

A field general is on the verge of finally taking his place as the proper heir to the throne.

Under the direction of a defensive virtuoso

A hungry cub will stalk his prey,

While a hungry monster waits to claim his next soul.

A snubbed warrior can send a message to the naysayers.

A season of missed opportunities and close calls can be atoned for. 

Fallen brothers will be avenged.

Disappointment will be replaced by pride.

One obstacle remains to be overcome before anything truly becomes history

A step by step process comes down to one task…

It's time to go bear hunting.

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