Tuesday, October 26, 2010

McDreamy Could Never Take a Chair Shot..

I am a fan of professional wrestling.

                There.  I said it.  Publicly.  Over the interwebs.  It isn’t exactly a secret if you know me or you follow this blog.   I have been a fan since the mid 80s when I was just a wee little Licious in my hometown of Valders, Wisconsin.  The old school WWF was part of my childhood and teenage years.  It has been with me ever since and probably won’t ever go anywhere.

                Now I know there is a negative connotation associated with pro wrestling.  “It’s fake!” will be the first thing the ignorant people will blurt out when they just want to seem like they are better than you.  Okay.  You aren’t wrong.  However, if you are going to point out that it is fake, I will just point out the fact that professional wrestling is entertainment.  You know what else is fake and entertainment?  That Grey’s Anatomy that you’ve been watching.  So is GleeLaw and Order?   That is fake and entertainment as well.   That stage play or ballet you just saw?   That ain’t real either.  Neither are the breasts on that stripper you are fawn at every Wednesday at amateur night.  

                The doubters then always like to throw out that wrestling is trying to make you think that it is real.  Hmmm.  Not really.  They call themselves “sports entertainment” for a reason.  Then again, when you are telling me how great this week’s episode of Community was, I don’t say “why do they try to make you think that stuff really happens at a community college?”  People accept it for what it is, a television show portraying a fictional story.  That is what pro wrestling is.  It is a fictional story with a live performance.   So, some of you need to stop insulting the intelligence of wrestling fans you associate with.  They know it isn’t real just like you know that a doctor couldn’t get away with all the shit that House does on a weekly basis.

                Last night I exercised my right to enjoy professional wrestling when WWE Monday Night RAW came to Green Bay.  I was able to snag a front row seat for the best view of a live show I ever had for anything.  It was going to be kick ass regardless, but being in the front row made it all the better.  I got some killer pictures which you may have seen on my facebook page.  It blows my mind when I go back and look at them.

                The pictures were a fantastic aspect of the experience, but another unique part of the pro wrestling experience is the potpourri of people that attend such events.  Seriously, it’s like a grab bag of personalities.  You will have the lifelong fans like me there.   Most of us are level headed and keep quiet.  Then you have the parents with their young kids.  They make up most of the audience.  The third main group of people are the ones who somehow got free tickets and don’t know what the hell they got themselves into.  Then there are the people who actually do think it is real.  They are the 40 year old mean/woman wearing wrestling shirts from 1996 and booing for all the bad guys and shameless pandering to the good guys, even if they are a little toolish.    Many of these guys still live with their mothers.   They also are the ones who may one day jump the security railing to attack a wrestler.   It is crazy, but you’d understand if you saw how rabid they can get.

                The most colorful of the pro wrestling fans are the ones I call “white trash” because there isn’t a better term to describe it.   Wrestling fans are on all ends of the socio-economical spectrum, but a good portion of them aren’t swimming in money.  They money they do have, they spend on Old Milwaukee when they should throw a few bucks toward the dental care for their four teeth.    They bring their bratty kids with them and then proceed to teach them how to be classless.  Want to hear a hateful slur?  These people will call the flamboyant stars the F word.  It is a walking freak show when they get riled up and into the show.  I am not sure if it is because of their general ugliness or because their shirts are one size too small.  A woman behind me fit this category.  She claimed to have driven two and a half hours just so she could make sexual advances towards John Morrison.  Her 80s hair and halter top may have given her a chance at a small independent show, but she wasn’t going to impress anyone on the current WWE roster.  I assume she did, however, manage to impress a truck driver on the way home.  Needless to say, this woman was just a minor portion of a large scale spectacle.

                All in all, WWE RAW was a hell of a time.  I got to see one of my favorite entertainment acts, get on national television, and people watch.  What more could I ask for? (Besides a Nexus shirt.  Damn them for not having any in my size!)

                Speaking of my signs, did anyone see them?   Here is what they read:

@wall2k4 is AWESOME

                That last one got me some tweets and new followers.  I am not sure if that is creepy or just AWESOME!!!!   
                I’ll let you decide.

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